Although we use our garage doors virtually every day, we may not notice when the door is becoming worn. Garage doors are an important part of home security, keeping your car locked safely away while you are in the house or out. However, if there is a fault in the mechanism or the material starts to corrode it can weaken their protective ability. There are a few warning signs that will tell you when your garage door needs replacing.

Signs that your garage door needs replacing

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Opening and closing

The first sign to look for is the door slowing down in its opening and closing mechanism. The door should begin to open or close within a couple of seconds of pressing the appropriate button. It should also move smoothly. If there is any delay or sticking of the door then it could be time for a replacement.


If the door becomes stuck altogether then this is a sure sign the door needs replacing. A door that refuses to open or close could be due to a bad connection between the control panel and door, or it could be that the door has malfunctioned. Make sure there is no physical obstruction that is blocking the door from working. If the fault is not clear then you need to call the professionals to take a look.

Noisy doors

Another warning sign from a garage door is creaking and groaning noise. Although most older garage doors make noise when in operation, if it is excessive or if there are a lot of straining noises, then it could be a be problem with the spring or opener which needs fixing. If your door has come off its tracks, this is another issue that needs resolving by a professional if the door is to operate properly.

Hire a professional

When searching for a professional to fix your garage door, remember to contact the people who fitted your door or look for a quality, accredited practitioner, such as who offer London garage door repairs. If you hire anyone unqualified or inexperienced to fix your door you may find yourself with a rogue fitter and have many more problems to deal with –

Whatever the problem with your garage door, it is important that you get it dealt with quickly by experienced professionals so that your home is kept secure.