Want to stay cool as a cucumber when the hot weather comes – we hope? Whilst we all swelter in our offices, homes and vehicles, there are some simple steps we can take to stay feeling fresher and combat the negative effects of overheating. Here are some clever tips for coping if we get another heatwave this summer:

Create a freezing breeze

Placing a bowl of ice or an ice tray in front of a fan is a great way of cooling the air in the room around you, getting cooler as the ice melts. This is a good one for a desk fan at work, just remember to regularly refill your ice tray.

Keep the sun out

During the day, keeping the curtains drawn and blinds down is a way to stop the harsh glare and warmth of the sun from entering the building. It will still warm up but should help prevent it from overheating.

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Stay in the shade

Remember the advice to avoid the late morning and early afternoon sun. Stay in the shade when you can between 11am and 3pm on those super-hot days and even those cloudy summer days when you can still experience sunburn. This is the time of the day where the sun is strongest.

Eat little and often

When we consume large meals, our body heats up as we process it. During a heatwave, it’s better to eat smaller meals at regular intervals to avoid the metabolic heat that is produced when we break down and digest food.

Get some air conditioning

The only true way to regulate the temperature of your home or workplace is to install air conditioning. For Air conditioning Gloucester, visit Ace Comfort Cooling, a leading Air Conditioning Gloucester company.

Choose cotton

Avoid wearing any heavy or thick fabrics when the thermometer is rising. Cotton is the perfect choice as it’s light, absorbent and allows for better breathability. Choose light colours, such as creams and whites, which are better at reflecting the radiation of the sun.


When we sweat, we lose a lot of liquid and so staying hydrated is crucial. Becoming dehydrated in the heat can leave you at risk of suffering heat exhaustion or heat stroke. A cool glass of water at regular intervals can also bring down your body temperature.

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Stay low

Don’t worry if you don’t remember a thing from science class at school. Hot air rises, so the lower down you go, the cooler the air will be. If you’re terribly uncomfortable, consider sleeping downstairs, for example.

Run cold water on your wrists

Running cold water over the insides of your wrists or on your feet before going to bed is a helpful way to refresh and cool off, helping you to get to sleep quicker.

Getting cold feet

Around the feet and ankles are lots of pulse points, so keeping your feet cool can make a big difference to your body temperature. Try putting your feet in a bucket of cold water or ice to really keep your cool this summer.