When it comes to buying a property, a homebuyers survey is a priceless investment for peace of mind and to help you make an informed decision. Here’s a look at why it’s potentially so valuable.

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The Homebuyers survey

A homebuyers survey involves a thorough investigation of the property. It can provide reassurance that everything is acceptable with the property, or uncover areas of concern. Such issues may lead you to request that the seller undertakes repairs or amends the price, or they may even be significant enough to deter you from purchasing the house altogether.

There are different types of home survey reports that you can request, from basic valuations to the more popular HomeBuyers Report or a Building Survey. The RICS HomeBuyers Survey involves a visual inspection of the property’s grounds, external structure including the roof and internal structure. It will flag up damage or other issues, be that in terms of the property structure, infestations, subsidence or dampness. This may then result in remedial works being completed by an Essex Roofers such as https://www.supremeoroofing.com/roofers-essex/  or quotes being obtained for the work, which could then reduce the offer price on the property.

Highlighting historical issues

Woodworm is common in older buildings, and a surveyor will be able to indicate if it has been treated successfully or whether there’s still a live infestation. Signs of wet or dry rot will also be noted in the survey. The surveyor will be able to request guarantees and assurances from the seller’s lawyer in relation to any previous treatment for such issues.

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A trained eye

If you’re looking for a homebuyers report there are plenty of providers to choose from and the findings are invaluable in helping you make an informed decision as to whether to continue with your purchase or whether adjustments should be made in the negotiations.

Many mortgage lenders will advise or insist that a buyers report is completed. The head of TSB Mortgages, Nick Smith, recommends having a quality solicitor on board to assist with the house buying process and to invest in a survey of the property.

A surveyor will be trained to know exactly what to look for. They’ll pay particular attention to cracking of walls, whether further investigation by a damp and timber specialist is required for damp, whether there are signs of infestations or damage caused by the likes of mice, woodworm and ants, and whether they suspect there is any asbestos in the property.