Every player wants their golf clubs to perform well and stay in good shape, but that takes a certain commitment to take care of your clubs in the best way possible. With some basic maintenance steps, your golf clubs in top condition and last as long as you want to continue playing with them.

Here are eight easy ways to care for your golf clubs:

  1. Store your golf clubs correctly

The best way to store your golf clubs long term is indoors, like in your house or apartment. Avoid storing your clubs in the boot of your car, particularly during the summer. (High temperatures will wear away the glue that holds the grip and clubhead in place.)

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  1. Don’t put your golf clubs away wet

Rust can become a major problem if you leave your clubs wet. Following a rainy day, if you come home and neglect to give them a wipe down, they’ll soon get rusty. Just give your golf club a quick wipe down before throwing it back into the cupboard or corner.

  1. Own and Use a Golf Towel

“Golf towel” can mean whatever towel you attach to your golf bag, or it can mean a towel made especially for golfers with reinforced eye holes and luxurious fibre wicking:

Attach one to your bag and use it during your round to wipe your face and grip, especially when moisture or debris accumulates. (Make sure you never hold up the game while doing it.)

  1. Clean clubheads between games

Aim to provide your golf clubs with a clean at least every few rounds, ensuring you remove dirt from grooves and scratches on club heads. It’s easy and doesn’t take long, and only requires a soft bristle brush, warm water, a little soap and a towel to wipe dry. Alternatively, a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner is ideal for effective cleaning of all types of sports equipment. For more details, visit www.hilsonic.co.uk

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  1. Don’t forget to clean the grip too

Keeping your grip clean – removing dirt, grime, sunscreen, sweat – will help them last longer. The grip is one part of your golf club that you might have to replace someday, so making it last longer is a good thing.

  1. Check grip for wear regularly

When cleaning your grip, be sure to look for signs of wear. Check the handle for shiny areas or worn or cracked areas. Those are signs that it’s time to consider a new grip. A good grip is very important for golf – you need to be able to hold the club.

  1. Check the shaft periodically

When you wipe the shaft with a soft towel, look for dents, scratches, or cracks in the shaft. If you see these, maybe it’s time to replace the axle (basically the shafts will last forever just playing normal golf, but they can be damaged by hitting).