A warm, wet summer across the UK, followed by a dry early autumn, has led many to predict a glut of raspberries this year. That is great news for all berry lovers, as raspberries are high in vitamin C and very versatile too. So whether your raspberries come from the garden or the fruit aisle, you’ll need lots of recipes to use them all up!


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Be a Smooth Operator

Smoothies are a berry’s best friend. Quick and easy to make, smoothies are a great way to use up fresh berries before they turn, or frozen berries from last month. Simply take your preferred fruit juice – either apple, cranberry or pear – add a handful of berries, a good dollop of natural yogurt and hit blend. Serve straight or pour over ice in the summertime. And don’t forget a sprig of mint!

Fruity Little Salad

The Brits have turned into a nation of salad lovers, but many people still forget that salads don’t just have to be about lettuce and tomatoes. All sorts of raw fruits are perfect for enhancing salads, and the raspberry is one of these. Sprinkle over a salad with warm goat’s cheese medallions for something sensational, or whizz up a raspberry and yogurt dressing to drizzle over the top.

Just Add Chocolate

Natural Raspberry Flavouring is delicious added to pretty much anything, but there’s something about the tang which goes especially well with chocolate. A handful of raspberries can be easily added to a finished chocolate mix or in chocolate chip muffins. The juiciness also makes chocolate cake seem slightly less indulgent. Check out http://www.foodieflavours.com for some more fruity cake ideas.


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For those who like a little something sweet on their toast in the morning, or who want to impress their friends with homemade scones, do it yourself jam is a must. There is a little equipment involved but once you’ve tried it once, you’ll see there’s nothing to it. Just take a look here https://www.thewi.org.uk/what-we-do/recipes/jams-and-other-preserves/raspberry-jam to get you started.

Raspberries, Straight Up!

But for the purists, don’t forget that raspberries are also perfect just as they are. So when time is of the essence and there’s no reason to bake a cake, just rinse them off and pop them in your mouth. Just think of all the washing up you’ll save!