There are many benefits to sewing. From designing your own dresses to knocking up crafty cushions for your home, there is something extremely rewarding about a sewing project that starts as just an idea and ends up being a useful and unique tool designed specifically to your personal taste.

Textile trends for 2017

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Such is the lure of the ‘DIY’ approach that The Independent has reported a significant rise in those buying sewing machines and attending craft courses. But whether you are a seasoned sewer or someone just starting out, it pays to know what the top textile trends are if you’re interested in creating clothing or home decor that is bang on trend. Here are just a handful of the biggest textile trends of 2017 so far.


In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, many designers are favouring the calming tranquility of clean, bright whites for decor and clothing. Not only does it provide a neutrality that can be matched with any decor or accessories but it is thought to provide calming, detoxifying vibes which have spa-like connotations.


Texture plays a big part in your choice of textile. This year the focus is on dramatic layers and highly textured fabrics such as fur. While simplistic cotton has previously soared in popularity, now there has been a shift towards more interesting and detailed textures. Expect to see metallic themed fabrics and fabrics inspired by the natural world, such as linen, also making an appearance this year.

Textile trends for 2017-2

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Gothic history

Fans of all things goth will be pleased to see a shift towards dark velvets and Victorian inspired layered lace which are synonymous with a gothic trend.


The ever evolving world of technology has seeped into the synthetic textile market. This year there’ll be a shift towards this method of creating textiles with high spectrum colours and modern, intricate patterns such as kaleidoscope prints. Search for dress fabric online ( to source some of these new age fabrics and craft truly revolutionary clothing.


The idea of modern metallics and earthy linens might seem like complete opposites but these binary oppositions and juxtapositions play a big part in textile trends this year. Combining distressed, natural fibres with newer, shinier textures creates a refined, new product with completely different qualities.