Every kitchen should include great functionality and an opportunity to show off a little. Unfortunately, most modern kitchens are too small, narrow and very irregular in shape. As the heart of the home, it is important to focus on this room and get the most out of its potential. One way to achieve this is by installing a kitchen island.

Extra storage

Any kitchen lacking in storage space can greatly benefit from a kitchen island. You will get extra drawer space, pull out shelves and extra cupboards. Having an open space under the kitchen island also provides a very valuable area for the storage of waste recycling, for example. Find out more about what’s available for Kitchens Swindon at a site like MP Tiles, a provider of Kitchens Swindon

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Great for kids

If you want a space where children can help with the preparation of food without getting under your feet, or a space where they can do homework while you cook, a kitchen island is perfect. Children can feel involved and part of the action, without crowding the kitchen.

Useful additional seating

You can easily use a kitchen island as extra seating for children during informal mealtimes or use for additional seats when you have guests. The main complaint about entertaining is that the host often misses out because they are stuck in the kitchen. This way, everyone can stay together and socialize, even while the meal is being prepared.

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Additional facilities

For a large kitchen, an island gives you the opportunity to have more of the amenities you want. You can have additional sinks, refrigerated drawers and bigger cooking areas. The extra space for electrical sockets and plumbing means no limit to how you want to set up your ideal kitchen space.