We are often being told that we should get our cars serviced. Whether it’s our parents, mechanic or friends telling us, it’s something that many of us put off for many reasons. However, there are definite benefits to having your car regularly serviced, so here you’re going to hear the same advice – perhaps this will convince you to book a service today.

Prevention is better than cure

The health of a car is not dissimilar to how you look after your own health. If you take good care of your body, chances are high that you’ll life a longer and healthier life. By treating your car in the same way, it will serve you far better and for longer. Yes, servicing might seem like an unnecessary expense at the time but ignoring potential problems could well make repair work even more costly.


If you’re keen to get the best possible performance out of your car, you need to keep running as smoothly as you can and maintain it in good condition. This also results in improved fuel economy. Therefore, you could be saving money on fuel costs and the potential for hefty repair bills. For Gloucester MOT and servicing, visit https://www.123carandcommercial.com/

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When a car is in top condition and working at its best capacity, it will also be safer to drive. It’s less likely to break down and leave you stranded in awkward situations, even possibly in danger on the road. If you drive a lot, your car is subject to greater wear and tear and even if it seems to be running fine, it might not be running as smoothly as it should be. Older vehicles also benefit from being given a longer lifespan when they receive regular servicing. When it comes to selling, a buyer will find your car much more attractive if it’s been properly cared for.

The risks of not servicing

You might be lucky but more likely you’ll run into problems that could have been avoided. An example is engine oil. If you don’t replace your oil, dirt and grime can accumulate causing a sludgy build-up in your engine. It’s advisable to let a professional complete an oil change for you, to guarantee that the job is done right first time.

Another major issue that could arise is if you have an accident and claim on your insurance. If the accident is found to involve a mechanical problem you could have fixed in a regular service, then you might not get the pay-out you were counting on.

How often should I have a service?

New cars have a service light on the dashboard which will light up when a service is due. For other cars, it’s not so straightforward. There might be a suggested time in your vehicle’s owner manual, but a general rule is once every 12 months. Six months after an MOT is a good time to keep things running smoothly. Depending on how many miles you drive, some manufacturers suggest a service every 10-12,000 miles or annually, whichever you reach first.