Everybody loves a bit of pampering, and getting a facial massage is the perfect way to relax. However, if you need another reason to give the beauty treatment a go, it turns out that facial massages help to slow down the ageing process. Here are our favourite excuses for giving our skin some TLC.

The benefits of facial massage

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Nature’s facelift

There is no need to go under the knife when the right strokes and movements on your face can do such a good job. Regular massage will help your skin to absorb oxygen and increase blood flow and collagen. As a result, your skin will radiate a youthful appearance and it is all easily achieved by stimulating your face muscles.

Boost your circulation

Massaging the long lines around your temples, eyes and mouth will help to promote the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin. Boosting your circulation not only improves the appearance of your skin, but it also contributes to muscle relaxation. One great approach is to start by using both hands to stroke your face and then stroke down from your forehead to your neck. Take care of pressure points on the way down, and take particular care with circular motions around the delicate eye areas. Finish with a hot shower followed by a splash of cold water to seal the effects.

Upgrade your skincare products

Facial massage instantly upgrades your skincare products by helping your skin to better absorb them. Moisturisers and serums perform to their full potential when applied with gentle circular motions. Cleansing your skin beforehand additionally prepares skin to take in all of the goodness from the products. Very dry and cracked skin are best combatted by combining facial massage with paraffin-based ointments. You can achieve these results by using ointments such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm, which can be found on sites such as http://www.lifeandlooks.com/eucerin-aquaphor-soothing-skin-balm.html.

Look and feel younger

Using facial massage techniques on a daily basis will make your skin look younger, but it will also make you feel great. Massage does wonders for de-stressing, and it is always important to give your body a helping hand. Factors such as age, health issues and budget can play a role, but by mixing regular face massages with daily skin care, you should see a positive change in your skin’s condition.