Most commonly used on large commercial projects, concrete pumps can cut down on labour costs and time. Unlike dumping trucks, concrete pumps can direct the concrete to difficult-to-reach areas, which makes them irreplaceable when working on projects such as tall buildings. However, they can also be used to good effect on smaller residential projects.

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According to, pumping concrete is fast, flexible and efficient.

The benefits of using concrete pumps

Reduced Labour: Forget about wheelbarrows, cranes and a load of labourers to carry concrete batches from one place to another. If you use a concrete pump company, you will be relying only on a few people to operate the machine and pour the concrete.

Fast placement: Speed matters on construction sites, especially if you want to cut down on costs. Using a concrete pump means that pouring concrete becomes faster and simpler. The vehicle-mounted pumps mean you won’t need to move a mixer truck from one place to the next. The pump operator can place the boom where they want and then release the concrete wherever it is needed.

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Easier placement: You won’t need to move the concrete manually, and you won’t get stuck in the mud. Trucks are heavy vehicles, and the chances of getting stuck in ground that is less than firm is always a big risk. With a concrete pump, the concrete is moved directly to where you want it without having to move the truck itself.

Accurate placement: Accurate placement from a concrete pump means you’ll see little concrete waste. If you choose a concrete pumping company like, you’ll be able to deliver the concrete to almost anywhere on the site without spilling along the way.

Increased concrete strength: Concrete pumps use less water compared to alternative pouring methods, so you’ll see less shrinking with the end product. This means fewer cracks, and it helps to preserve the inherent strength of the concrete. You’ll save time and money in the long run.

The ultimate convenience

Unlike the traditional method of barrowing, pumps can access areas that are difficult to reach no matter how high or obscure the area is. A job that might have taken many labourers and hours to complete can be finished with a concrete pump quickly, accurately and safely.