Wooden floors continue to be a popular trend in any room in the house. It is easy to see why they are so popular as they look stylish, come in a range of styles and colours, are easy to clean and are long-lasting. It is the versatility of wooden flooring which makes it a top choice for any style of home – modern, vintage, rustic or open-plan – wood will work well.

The charm of wide plank flooring

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Current trends in wooden flooring

Current trends show people moving away from narrow, pale woods and choosing darker colours. Oak remains a favourite because it suits any colour scheme or style, possibly because it is neither too light nor too dark – http://www.idealhome.co.uk/project-advice/shopping-guides/flooring/wood-flooring-the-essential-guide_1-74231. Wide boards and planks, which can be up to 76 centimetres wide, are also becoming more fashionable. They come in a range of styles, including distressed finishes, and designs such as V-grooves to create a stunning look. Wide planks which have been distressed will look like old boards to give the impression of a very old, historic floor.

Wide floors are suitable for any size or shape of room. If you have a small room, wide boards give the impression of it being bigger while narrow rooms seem wider if the wide boards are laid at right angles to the longest side of the room. Big rooms are suitable for narrow, wide or a mix of sizes to create interesting features. You could use wide planks in the centre with narrower ones towards the edges to reduce the impression of volume in a large room, for example.

The charm of wide plank flooring2

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Oak is a popular choice

Oak’s range of colours from light, almost blonde hues to darker reds and even grey, coupled with the fact that oak suits any decoration colours and styles, make it suitable for any room. Oak laminate flooring is a wise alternative to hardwood because it is cheaper, durable and easy to install. You can see a range of oak laminate flooring at www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk.

Caring for your floor

Caring for your oak laminate floor is easy but it is worth putting mats by exterior doors to keep grime to a minimum. Floor protectors beneath the feet of heavy furniture will also help to protect the wood. The floor needs regular sweeping and can be washed with a damp mop but make sure it doesn’t get too wet.