Films, television programmes and even an Animated Explainer Video can have a variety of impacts on our emotions. This is one of the key reasons why video is becoming so important in the way that business market to and create brand awareness about themselves. There are a number of reasons why when you watch some cute little cartoon animals in a Disney or Pixar film or perhaps watch an Animated Explainer Video that is describing the ways that we can help certain charities or even watch how a business helps children or animals you feel a whole host of emotions. This is the power of video.

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Our emotions are reactions to our surroundings in both a physical and social context as well as a result to memories that may have been triggered. These emotions can be everything from anger and rage through to sadness or joy. They all interplay very closely with one another and you can feel sad but angry just as easily as you can feel happy but sad. The human emotion system is incredibly sophisticated and complex to understand.

The scientific reasons for the emotional connection that can be made by watching things on the screen relates to a few key areas.

The first us the mirror neurons that come into play. This is the reaction that we all have subconsciously to a body language or overt reaction made by someone on the screen. For example, someone crying can produce the feelings of sadness the same as the look of fear on someone’s face can have us trembling in anticipation waiting to see what is going to happen. Mirror neurons are responsible for this. They essentially make us feel the way we would if we in the same situation as the person or animal that we are watching in front of us. It is a form of empathy that can be achieved in any form of video by using the right emotion cues in your characters regardless of whether they are based on a human or not. The beauty of animation is you can craft characters that fit a business’s specific target markets and really appeal to their pain points with this form of marketing.

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Oxytocin is another key player in this emotion connection. This is due to the fact that it is a chemical that is released when our emotions are triggered. It is the oxytocin release that allows us to feel empathy, although some people are naturally more adept at feeling empathy than others. It can also help to build an emotional connection with the characters used which is why some companies choose to use a regular character in their videos. All of this can help to increase the positive feelings towards your business and thereby help to increase your conversions and sales.