Pepsi has long been associated with pop music and America, along with its main competitor, Coca-Cola.

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The popular soda drink also has a long established history that started over 100 years ago in 1893.

Brad’s Drink

Pepsi was originally called Brad’s Drink after its inventor, Caleb Davis Bradham, who began selling it in his shop in North Carolina. It contained a combination of sugar, caramel, lemon, water and nutmeg and was renamed Pepsi Cola as it was believed to cure indigestion, otherwise known as dyspepsia.

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The Great Depression

During the war, sugar prices increased and Bradham invested in a lot of sugar, believing its price would continue to rise. However, it didn’t, and ahe was declared bankrupt soon after. Eight years later, the Loft Candy company bought the company and started selling 12-ounce bottles of Pepsi for the same price as their competitors were selling 6-ounce bottles. This strategy paid off and their profits doubled.

Sofia Vergara

The actress Sofia Vergara starred in a Pepsi ad when she was just 17. The famous advertisement featured her running across hot sand in a bikini in order to reach a Pepsi. She subsequently went on to star in Modern Family and was invited to be a brand ambassador for Diet Pepsi in 2011.

Plastic Bottles

During the 1970s, bottles made of polyethylene were invented. The advantages for consumers were that they didn’t smash when dropped and were much lighter to carry. Pepsi was the first company to embrace this revolution and started to sell their drinks in 2-litre size bottles . Nearly 50 years later, plastic is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Modern-day establishments serving food and drink, especially fast food, offer soda by using post mix juices. The different varieties available are often stored on Ireland used pallet racking in the warehouses or back rooms of the restaurants, so that they can easily stock their shelves and drinks cabinets.


Over the years, Pepsi have launched various varieties and limited edition flavours including azuki bean, cucumber and salty watermelon, all of which were sold in Japan.


There have been 11 different versions of the Pepsi logo, and every one has included the globe symbol. The current logo cost $1,000,000 to design. They have also recently announced new tag line, “For the love of it.”