If you work in the catering industry, you will probably be all too aware of the hassle and expense caused by malfunctioning or failing refrigeration equipment. Following a simple maintenance checklist can help you or your staff to highlight potential problems before they become serious, possibly saving you a great deal of time, stress and money in the long run.


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Although it is important to schedule regular maintenance checks and servicing by a qualified professional, there are several checks you can perform yourself to ensure your equipment runs smoothly between scheduled maintenance appointments.

Simple maintenance checks

At the most basic level, the following maintenance checks and tasks should be carried out regularly:

– Cleaning of the condenser coils. Be sure to de-grease them and use pressure washing if necessary.

– Clearing of the drain lines. If you need tips or advice on commercial refrigeration maintenance, ensure you buy your equipment from a reputable supplier such as www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk. In this way you will be sure you are getting high-quality equipment and expert advice at the point of sale and beyond.

– Checking the condition of the door seals. Any damaged or worn seals mean the fridge cannot do its job efficiently, wasting energy and potentially running the risk of spoiling food that is not being kept in the optimum conditions. Check for holes or areas where the seal is broken.

– Monitoring the thermostat. Check manufacturer and food supplier guidelines to make sure you know what the optimum temperature of your refrigeration equipment is and ensure you stick to this. Setting your equipment to the wrong temperature can waste energy and spoil food. It is also vital that you check your thermostat is operating efficiently, so always include this in your regular checks. Check your unit’s thermometer at the same time and make sure it is working correctly and is in the correct location.

– Examining door hinges and closing mechanisms. If your unit has a self-closing door, check this is working correctly. Doors left open waste a huge amount of electricity. If a self-closing door starts to malfunction, it may be a while before this is noticed.

– Checking motors are clean and performing correctly.

– Checking the compressor is working properly. Check for any strange noises, which could be a sign that your compressor needs attention.