Gone are the days when a business owner created a website based around their own preferences. Nowadays every business manager with a serious manifesto for growth understands the importance of creating the best possible User Experience (UX). And that means incorporating great User Interface (UI) features into the design at the earliest stage of the process to provide website visitors with an intuitive, seamless and, above all, pleasurable experience as they navigate your site.

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According to a recent article published in Forbes, website visitors nowadays expect a fast, efficient and seamless service. And that makes UX design a prerequisite rather than an optional feature of an effective site.

Know Your Customers

It may seem too obvious to mention, but it’s surprising how many website owners ask their design teams to create a site based upon their own personal preferences. Learning that you are not necessarily identical in profile to your core customers is essential, and that means choosing a web design team who can supply you with the bigger picture.

For example, in addition to being a well-known website design company Gloucester web developers https://www.net9design.com/ also offer comprehensive marketing packages. That’s important, as website analysis allows you to build up a detailed picture of what your customers want as well as what they don’t want, and this is invaluable information when creating a new website or updating an existing one.

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Keep Visitors Engaged

Everyone knows that our attention spans are becoming ever shorter thanks to the immediacy that digital technology provides. A webpage download that takes longer than three seconds to display on our screens sees us leaving the offending site with no second chances, but even when your web pages display almost instantly, your website still has work to do.

Research into our online habits indicates that we have short attention spans, so your site has just eight short seconds to engage your visitors’ attention. And no matter how good your products or services are, if web visitors don’t stay around for long enough to read about them, that’s more opportunities to secure a sale slipping through your fingers.

A good web design team will work to understand your current website data before crafting a beautiful, responsive and, above all, effective website that adds genuine value to your brand by attracting an enthusiastic customer base.