Trees are so much more than just suppliers of shelter and food. Trees give life and we need them to survive. Here are some ways that trees are very important for our planet:

Trees help fight climate change

Too much carbon dioxide is accumulating in our atmosphere, causing climate change. Trees are very important in the fight against climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide, store it and release oxygen back into the atmosphere instead. In just one year, an acre of trees can absorb the CO2 generated from driving 26,000 miles. In one year, an acre of trees can provide the oxygen requirements of 18 people.

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Trees clean the air

Trees also absorb gases and odour pollution, including sulphur dioxide, ozone and ammonia. They can pick up particles from the air and store it in their skin and on the leaves.

Keep it cool

In built-up areas, temperatures increase because there is more heat and fewer trees to absorb road. Trees can cool the city as much as 10 degrees by providing shelter, shade and the release of water vapour into the air.

Save energy

Trees planted at certain locations around a property can help to conserve energy and reduce air conditioning needs by 50%. Reducing energy consumption also means less CO2 production. Want to plant trees around your property? For help and advice, contact an Essex Tree Surgeon at a site like Benchmark Landscape Essex Tree Surgeon

Save water

Grass in the shade of tsrees lose water more slowly and thus require far less watering.

Help stop water pollution

Trees help to prevent excess run-off water, absorbing water through the trunk and returning it to the earth below. This helps to stop stormwater carrying pollutants back into the sea. Trees act like a big sponge, naturally replenishing the groundwater supply.

Help protect against UV rays

UV light is a significant factor in skin cancer and trees can help reduce exposure to these harmful rays by up to 50%. Planting trees around areas where people spend outdoor time, such as schools and playgrounds, is a good idea to increase protection from the sun.

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Did you know that an apple tree can supply up to 20 bushels of fruit each year and can be grown almost anywhere, in the smallest of urban areas? As well as providing a healthy fruit, they also serve as important habitats for wildlife and birds.

Healing power

When a hospital patient has a tree to look at through their window, they actually heal faster and experience less complications than those who do not have such views. Being exposed to nature also improves the symptoms of children with ADHD. Trees also help people to concentrate and reduce mental fatigue.

The ability to calm

Urban environments that are bear with no natural aspects experience higher levels of violence in the streets and in homes compared to areas where there is ample greenery. Therefore, it is clear that landscape and greenery reduce fear and aggression.