If you’ve ever been out and about at a country house or ever admired the fine lawn of a neighbour you will now how fabulous straight lined lawn looks. The striped pattern is the pinnacle of lawn aesthetics but how do you get one? The answer is in the preparation and the maintenance. Allow us to explain how to do it. You will need a decent mower and if yours is looking for a bit of TLC especially if it needs Briggs and Stratton Parts then look no further than https://www.briggsbits.co.uk/ to provide you with all the bits you will need.

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First off, it’s not that hard to do. With a bit of practice you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed. The basic principle is to figure out where people will be viewing it from. Is it a pavement or from next door. The main thing to remember is that you need to get the first cut correct and straight. If you go wonky it will blow all the others off. Having said that do not be afraid to work it around natural features in the garden. You may have a raised bed that is not square. Work with the contours to give the lawn definition.

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Stage one is to put a stake at one end of the lawn and have some twine or string stretched across the lawn to another stake on the other side. This taunt line is the maker that you need to keep the line straight.

Stage two is to begin to mow making sure that the wheel is gently brushing against the string. This will make sure that the straight line is maintained. Do not bend the string too much.

Stage three. When you have reached the end of the line stop, turn the mower and start on the other side going the reverse direction as you did before.  Again, brushing lightly against the string and not bending it to much.

Stage four. Remove the stake and twine and repeat the process up the lawn.

Whilst this might seem very time consuming, and it is, you should only need to do this process once. When you have finished you should be able to look back on a nicely striped lawn in its completed glory. Now that it is established in that shape you just have to follow the pattern you have created and it should stay that way for subsequent cuts.