Being naturally funny is good gift to have, it would seem. Having a great sense of humour can get you out of all sorts of tough social situations and allows you to get away with saying things that others would not get away with. It’s easier to make friends, easier to attract the opposite sex and studies have indicated that funny folks are more successful in life. Trying to be funny is definitely not the same and a bad joke with bad timing will do more to harm your image than make you popular.

Being funny makes you more likeable – you’re more likely to be friends with people who share your interests, who you have the most fun with and the ones who make you laugh the most. Laughter is more important in our daily lives than we realise and people who make us laugh, make us feel happy. Why would we not like someone who makes us happy?

Easier to bond with funny people – with someone who makes us laugh, it feels like they already understand us so you feel that you share the same humour. If that’s the case then you probably have other things in common too and so bonding becomes just that little bit easier. Humour is a great way to break the ice and getting people to relax.

Good attention to detail – a person with an ability to crack jokes well is a person with a great eye for the details. Jests are not premeditated, they need to be spur of the moment, a result of something picked out of a conversation and worked on in a split second. Funny one-liners are usually the result of picking up on something that was just said in a conversation, rather than a long dialogue on a big topic. Detail-oriented people can apply such skills in the workplace too.

The secret to success is being laughed at

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Always invited to social gatherings – the funny ones are always on the guest list as they tend to be the life of the party. In a social atmosphere, people want to be surrounded by those who will make them happy. For business purposes, having a sense of humour is great for networking and you are far more likely to be introduced to others if you can crack a joke or two. For Comedians For Hire, visit

Stress reliever – dopamine is the wonder chemical that gets released when we’re happy, makes us feel good and eases away our stress. It relieves stress in others and for the one telling the jokes. As stress can do a lot of damage to or bodies, both physically and psychologically – having a real belly laugh is actually pretty good medicine.

The secret to success is being laughed at2

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Creativity – being comical requires thinking that is often considered to ‘outside the box’. Funny people have the ability to look at things from a different angle. When you’re in a humorous mood, your brain is calmer and more able to focus and be creative. This creativity could easily spill over into other areas of your life, increasing your confidence and encouraging you to try new activities.