The battle of the soft drinks has been raging for many years now, with the two main rivals in the cola field being of course Pepsi and Coca Cola. These two kings of soft drinks both have their stalwart supporters who insist the taste difference is there and have their own preference. Many can taste no real difference, but for cola enthusiasts there is always one definite winner. For the rest of us, both are delicious fizzy drinks perfect for a hot day.

Quite a few of us choose this as a start drink on a night out and later maybe adding a dash of something stronger to the mix so i wonder which drink the Cheltenham Nightclubs offer their customers?

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Refrigeration has enabled us to keep our favourite flavoured soft drinks cool and ready to drink whenever we like, which is perfect for summer days when nothing tastes better than a cola drink straight from the fridge. The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi Co are still at the forefront of cola production worldwide, although there are a number of lesser brands creating a stir and stores’ own-brands that often taste just as good.

Diet Coke Beats Pepsi

Diet Coke is one of the main sellers for Coca Cola, with the 2010 sales figures beating Pepsi. According to the Boston Globe, Coca-Cola sold 1.6 billion cases of regular ‘full fat’ cola and 927 million cases of Diet Coke, while Pepsi sold 892 million cases of its cola drink in total. However, the figures have gone back and forth, and both companies have staged many advertising campaigns to try to win the long-term battle of the cola brands.

Most people agree that both Cola and Pepsi both taste better straight from the fridge. It is important to find a drinks specialist for commercial enterprises such as bars, restaurants and cafes, because cola fans and other soft-drink enthusiasts will always demand cold cola as their number one choice of summer soft drink.

Coke Rewards and Pepsi Stuff

Pepsi and Coca Cola have tried a number of different ways to win customers over to their side of the soft-drink war, with both companies introducing rewards plans for loyal customers. Coca Cola have Coke Rewards, where drinkers can build up points and exchange them for items on their website, while Pepsi Stuff allowed a similar transaction, with customers able to buy lifestyle merchandise in exchange for their loyalty points – a feature which Pepsi have now discontinued.

Ingredients Changes

According to the BBC, even the ingredients lists are similar, with both Pepsi and Coca Cola deciding to reduce the amount of a controversial chemical which is part of the recipe for caramel colouring in order to avoid having to place a cancer warning label on their packaging.

Both companies seem to be running neck and neck, introducing similar products and recipe changes, and there looks to be no end to the battle. Both Coke and Pepsi offer diet drinks, low-sugar varieties, regular cola and flavoured cola such as cherry cola. Both holding companies also offer other flavoured soft drinks, with Pepsi Co owning Tango, Tropicana and Gatorade and Coca Cola owning Fanta, Sprite and Aquarius.