Going to a restaurant with children is something that only the brave may try, but it doesn’t have to be a hard task. These tips will make dining out with your kids easier, and ensure that you enjoy your meal too!

Tips for eating out with children

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Stick to kid-friendly restaurants

Taking children to a silver service restaurant or one that’s simply very posh perhaps isn’t the best idea. Kids will be kids, and it is hard for them to want to sit still and eat using four different forks. If you stick to child-friendly restaurants you’ll feel more relaxed and so will they, and although they may get excited you won’t have to worry too much if they are a bit loud or brash.

Keep kids occupied

Often the hard part of eating out is keeping kids sitting still, but there are plenty of activities you can do that will keep them occupied. The use of digital devices such as tablets and smartphones has increased hugely, and if you can, giving your kid an iPad with games on (especially those that are fun and educational) you can all enjoy eating out. Colouring books, puzzles and other similar activities can also be brought along too.

Tips for eating out with children2

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Make kids part of the process

There are numerous Dublin restaurants, such as those listed at http://www.forno500.ie/, that welcome kids and make them feel involved. Whether it’s with special kids menus, kids toys or play area, or the chance to even make their own pizza or similar, getting children involved in the eating experience is a great way to keep them occupied and ensure they also have fun.

Think quick

With children, time is always of the essence and when they are hungry they can get cranky too. Look for places that feature fast service and quick serving, rather than restaurants that you know may take a long time to deliver your dishes. You don’t have to opt for fast food, but it is best to choose a restaurant that can get orders out quickly. Pizza and pasta are always good choices for fast food, as are delis where you can choose from a selection of pre-prepared meals or dishes.

Eating out with kids can be fun, and if you keep them busy, actively involved and fed fast, the overall experience will be that much more enjoyable!