The Warmth of Wood

Wood, which has always been popular in lounges, hallways and studies, has recently become fashionable in the kitchen. As it’s a room that can be a focal point for family activity, it makes sense to continue the theme and turn the kitchen into a warm and welcoming environment. Hardwoods are just as easy to clean as tiles and can give your kitchen a whole new look.

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Herringbone patterns and geometric designs, popular through 2016, are set to continue, according to flooring expert William Beard. Although it can cost a little more, he explained that the effect herringbone can have is striking. Another popular trend is for straightforward, oiled, matte wide-plank floors. These can give a room the impression of being larger. Planks with a width greater than six inches give a room a rustic feel, whereas six inches or less promotes more of a modern look.

Environmentally Concious Design

Cork flooring has been making a comeback as more homeowners look for eco-friendly ways to furnish their homes. A natural thermal and sound insulator, comfortable to the touch and yet extremely durable, cork is unusual in that it can be harvested over and over from the same tree without damaging or killing it.

Natural materials and colours are in. Customers are becoming focused more on the imperfections and grain of the material that is used in their flooring rather than looking for a ‘perfect’ look that can at times seem fake. Whether it’s wood, concrete, tile, cork or a carefully positioned rug made from wool or recyclable materials, these designs have become trendy among environmentally friendly homeowners.


This will have to be something for landlords to consider when doing their checks for the property for damage or marks.  If they use an Inspection app sourced from site like this will note these imperfections on to a system and you can look to the company and confirm if it is meant to look worn or not.

Durable Alternatives

While fake woods have had a mixed reputation in the past, digital printing has brought us tiles that look like wood, concrete, marble or any material that is so close to the original that it’s difficult to tell the difference. Ideal for families with young children or pets, you can now cover your floors with low-maintenance floor tiles without compromising or limiting your choice of style.

Flooring retailers offer a great range of ideas, information and DIY advice on various types of flooring they sell.

These are just some of the latest trends, but the choice is endless and there’s always help at hand if you can’t decide.