Ask people what they most want to do when they’ve retired, and travel will feature pretty high on the list. However, just because you now have the time to travel doesn’t always mean you have the money. Here are some ways you can fit in some travel and not break the bank:

  1. Use your flexibility

Now you no longer have the constraints of the working week, one of the most powerful things in your arsenal is your flexibility. Prices are always higher during peak times but do drop significantly during off peak times. If you can be flexible about when you travel, you can stretch your budget much further than it will go during the times everyone else wants to travel too.

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  1. Grab those discounts

There are certain benefits to being a senior citizen, and one of the best is the wide range of discounts available on travel. Don’t forget to find out what is available and make the most of travel discounts.

  1. House Swap

Fancy getting free or hugely reduced accommodation when you travel? Nobody wants to couch surf or stay in a hostel in retirement, so why not consider house-swapping? There are many sites that offer a safe process and even some that are aimed solely at seniors. You do need to pay a fee to join these sites but compared to the money you could save, they are definitely worth it.

  1. Downsize

Whilst there are ways to travel cheaper, it does still cost money and if you have your heart set on seeing the world but just don’t have the funds, you’ll need another option. If you are living in a home that you’re rattling around in, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Look into Equity Release Wiltshire.

Downsizing is a way of releasing any equity that is trapped in your current property. This can be a sizable figure if you have no mortgage left and you own the property. Even if you still have a mortgage, you can sell up, move to a smaller property and make a profit. The extra money you can use for your travels. For Equity Release Wiltshire, visit Chilvester.

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  1. Make travel a priority

Don’t put it off or come up with reasons why it wouldn’t be sensible. Yes, there will always be other things you should be spending money on such as property maintenance or needing a new car, but if you don’t make it a priority, you’ll keep finding reasons never to go travelling. Make a bucket list of all the places you want to see and experiences you want to have to give you greater focus and motivation for carrying through with your dream.