Being a teenager can be a tough time with hormones raging and the pressure of exams and making big decisions about your future. Worrying about your teeth is probably pretty low on your agenda. However, now is an important time for your teeth and if you want to keep your parents and your dentist off your back then you should make sure that you are following their advice because these teeth are with you for life now.

It’s crucial that you pay some attention to your teeth and it need only be twice a day for a few minutes each time so it’s not a huge ask. We know you lead busy lives with school, sports and the ever important social lives but all you need is 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes before you crash out at night. And remember that a bright smile and fresh breath will make you much more attractive too! For General dentistry Leicester, visit

If you play a lot of sports and participate in activities such as skateboarding or snowboarding then you are putting your teeth and jaw at risk of injury. Make sure you use mouthguards to protect your teeth from breaking or getting knocked out. You should really think about wearing a mouthguard during sports so you keep your best smile for your selfies!

Nobody likes being told that they can’t do something and eating well becomes a challenge when teens are on the go and making your own food choices much of the time. Everything in moderation is a good rule to live by so have fizzy drink but don’t go over the top. To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that teens eat healthy snacks between meals and limit sugary foods and drinks. Stocking the fridge with water, milk and easy-to-grab nutritious foods, such as fruit, cheese and veggies is much better than relying on chocolate, crisps and cans of coke. At some point you’ll want to snack on junk food and soft drinks whilst video gaming or hanging out with your mates but just remember that you won’t be feeling too great when you get a toothache that won’t go away and you’re hauled in front of the dentist!

Teens love to experiment with different looks and be rebellious sometimes and if you’ve got piercings in and around your mouth, it’s vital that you know the best way of keeping them clean. Worst case scenario, piercings can cause broken teeth, choking on broken jewelry and swelling of the tongue and mouth. To avoid a nasty infection and to make sure you stay looking amazing, you’ll want to keep the area as clean as possible. Try to resist the urge to click the jewelry against your teeth too.

Treating your Teen Teeth

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We know there are so many other things you’d rather be doing than going to the dentist but regular check-ups and professional cleanings are important and that having great teeth and a confident smile will make you feel a million dollars. Nobody wants bad breath but tooth decay can cause bad breath and I’m sure you know how grim that can be, so don’t let it happen to you.  By visiting the hygienist, you can help prevent gum inflammation, bleeding and bad breath by removing plaque and tartar.