Adding a new throw or blanket to any room is a really simple way to add effortless style, not to mention practical comfort and cosiness for those chilly evenings. Here are five fantastic blanket trends for those in search of extra inspiration.
Abstract Art Blankets

A blanket or throw that doubles as a piece of art is a serious win-win. Abstract designs work well in both a minimalist and a contemporary decorating scheme or add a twist to a more traditional interior design. A stylish throw adds texture, warmth and colour to any space but don’t forget to consider what colours, fabrics and shapes will really work well.

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Trees, floral and nature themes continue to be a big trend and don’t be afraid to try something different and bold here. Natural materials and traditional crafts work well to enhance this style, and there are plenty of great resources out there, such as, to look at for inspiration,


A patterned throw added over a solid colour really adds new texture and movement to any room. Whether your chosen pattern is subtle or very much a bold statement, the eye will be drawn to the location in which it is placed and will create a visual focal point for the room. Extra bespoke interest can be added by being creative, for example by using batik or even crochet blanket kits.

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Nothing helps to create a soothing and calm vibe like watercolours, particularly when used in a beautifully soft and cosy throw or blanket. There are so many possibilities with this trend and lots of ideas out there to get the creative ideas really flowing, such as.


This is a trend that is really growing in popularity, not least because it lends itself so well to personalised pieces which can make the ideal gift. Impactful quote pieces or a personalised message can be effective, and humorous quotes can be fun. The huge range of type-faces available means that design possibilities are endless and can really add to the beauty of blankets or cushions.