Colour has long been a very powerful medium, able to change our mood or feelings as if by magic. When it comes to our homes, we can be easily tempted to daub the walls in magnolia because neutrals are easy, but they can be very safe, too. The colours you choose to decorate your rooms can have a very profound effect on your mood, so choose carefully.

Understanding the Psychology of Colour in Your Home

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A very calming, soothing colour, there’s so much more scope for blue than the bathrooms we usually use it for. Blue is said to promote intellectual thought, so might be worth trying in a study or library. Overdone though, it might be cold, so be careful if you choose it for living areas.


The main colour of nature, green can promote balance and calm. The stability and security make it great for a bedroom, though too much green in one room might make you too laid back, so add a splash of energy with red or orange.


Another natural colour, yellow is the colour of sunshine and energy. It’s great for busy living spaces, so kitchens or north-facing rooms that don’t get so much light. The energy makes it less good for bedrooms where you’ll be trying to get some rest.


Red is the colour of danger and passion and promotes sociable feelings so is a good choice for dining or living rooms. Tread carefully though as it can be overpowering if used too much. Make a statement with a single wall and matching accessories, unless you have a very large room.


Most associate black with death or depression, so use with caution and moderation. It can be dramatic, so use alongside much lighter colours to temper.

The Telegraph has some more ideas for adding colour to your beautiful house, and sites like the Reliable Remodeler are packed with ideas for living in your gorgeous new-look abode.

Make yourself some mood boards to focus your ideas and start to turn them into a plan. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but if going all out with bold walls is an initial step too far, go for neutral colours and inject the colour with bright accessories. That’s a great way to update season by season, too, without breaking the bank.