Some people will do anything for a bit of attention, and what better day to do it than your wedding day? Your nearest and dearest are gathered, there’s a party atmosphere, so why not set a world record while you’re at it? Here are some of the craziest wedding world records:

Quickest Ceremony – In July 2007, the world’s shortest wedding ceremony took place. In Colorado, Mr and Mrs Pottratz managed to tie the knot in just under 7 minutes. The vows actually took 6 minutes and 36 seconds. Whether it was intended or not, the ceremony was cut short due to torrential rain.

Most Bridesmaids – Clearly, they had a discount on dresses for this grand affair! Laura Tolley and Fred Brown of Missouri had a whopping 103 bridesmaids to attend her at her wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day of 2005.  In total, there were 90 women and 13 men dressed in bridesmaid’s attire! Sadly, for the couple, their attempt at recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records was denied as the dresses didn’t all match.

Most glasses balanced on chin – On 1st August 2015, Doug McManaman was invited to a wedding reception where he proceeded to balance 25 glasses on his chin for 17 seconds. This impressive feat took place in Nova Scotia, Canada. Good job there was a wedding photographer present! For a Wedding photographer Kent, visit

Oldest Ring Bearer – In County Durham, England on 28th July 2017, William Forrest acted as the ring bearer at his grandson’s wedding at an impressive 91 years of age.

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Largest Reception – With money not a problem, the most lavish reception took place in Madras, India at the wedding of the foster son of Jayalalitha Jayaram, a movie star. The banquet was set for 150,000 guests in 50 acres of land in September 1995. It was an amazing affair, said to have cost $23 million. There was a fortress and cannon, winged creatures made from plywood and the drive from the temple to the grounds was covered in rose petals and 600 Greek columns over 3 miles.

Longest Marriage – This record goes to Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher who had been wed for 86 years, 9 months and 16 days when Herbert passed away at 106 years old in 2011.

Shortest Marriage – It’s little surprise that this record belongs to a Hollywood couple.  Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker married in 1919 but Jean started to have second thoughts during the service, eventually locking Rudolph out of their Honeymoon Suite. After 20 minutes of knocking, Rudolph retired home. The divorce proceedings claimed the marriage was never consummated, which is no surprise.

Most Married Woman – This record belongs to Linda Wolfe, who has been married 23 times. Her last marriage in 1996 was purely a publicity stunt, when she married the most married man in the world, Glynn Wolfe. One of her marriages lasted only 3 days, while one man she married three times!