Going on Holiday and leaving your house is always a concern; you go through the process of turning off your electricals, making sure all of the lights are turned off, and going through and checking the windows and doors. When you go to lock up your house, you also double-check and then check again to see if you have locked the front door, but you still feel that anxiety that you have left it wide open. It is important that you do everything you can to make sure your house is secure for your holiday, as a simple mistake such as keeping a window open could lead to a burglary, and worse a non-insurance payout for the stolen goods. Here are ways to protect your house when you’re on holiday.

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Social Media 

It is highly tempting to post your Holiday adventures on your Social Media pages, but this is in fact one key mistake that many homeowners make; if your house was to get burgled whilst empty, and they discover that you posted pictures of your Holiday on Social Media, then this could lead to a no – insurance payout for your home. Many families have been left devastated by burglaries, and have not been able to claim on their insurance as they had posted pictures on Social Media. If you’re going away on holiday, leave the Social Media posts until you get back. If you want to share pictures with your family and friends, then why not open a private group chat on Facebook or WhatsApp to share your Holiday pictures?

Update Home Security 

If you feel worried about leaving your house empty whilst you go on holiday, it may put you more at ease to get some more home security equipment. There are lots of different home security systems that you can get for your house to make it more secure, such as Camera doorbells that will alert you if someone comes close to your door, or a house alarm that will alert you, and the surrounding neighbours if someone breaks into your home. These will prevent home break-ins – just don’t forget to set the alarm. Security cameras also make for a great home security system; this tends to put off potential thieves, as there is more chance that they will get caught. If you are interested in getting security cameras for your home, you could get in touch with companies such as https://red-dam.co.uk/, a CCTV Manchester based company that supplies and fits professional security cameras that will ward of any unwelcome visitors.

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Have a House Sitter 

This could be a great option if you have a pet as they can look after them without you taking them to a pet kennel. Having a house sitter is a good idea because it means that your home will be occupied by someone you trust, and you also have the peace of mind that your home won’t be burgled. You can pay them to look after your house and feed any pets you have – its a win-win for both sides. If you are struggling to find someone to house sit, this company even provides trusted house sitters who can look after your home whilst you are away.