Homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on ways to improve the value of their home, whether for the purposes of ‘improving instead of moving’ or with the plan to sell up. Equally though, homeowners should be aware of things not to do for risk of damaging the resale value and effectively devaluing the property. Here we look at some of the ways you can devalue your home:

  1. Getting Rid of Period Features

This is a big no-no. Removing period features and fixtures and covering over vintage fireplaces and ceiling decorations might not be the best course of action. Period characteristics have become highly sought after and often top priority lists for potential buyers. Your property might get overlooked if you’ve done away with such features that would have made it unique, authentic and desirable.

Ways You Could Be Devaluing Your Property

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  1. Unusual Colours

You might have exciting tastes and adore your psychedelic paint scheme, but potential buyers will most likely leave with a migraine. The general rule of thumb if you’re trying to sell is keep it neutral. Buyers can better imagine their own furniture against a neutral palette and it offers them a blank canvas on which to make their mark. For help selling your home, visit a Bath Estate Agents like http://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk

  1. Astro Turf

There are many benefits to installing artificial grass, especially for those with pets or young children but you might want to get rid if you’re planning to sell. It’s still considered unusual and due to lack of knowledge about its benefits, people could find it a big turn off. Having a garden is high on the priority list for many families and artificial grass just might not be a part of that daydream.

  1. Messy Outside Space

Unused sheds, cars up on jacks, kids’ toys, rusty bicycles and dozens of dead potted plants – if any of these sounds familiar then you’re squandering your chances of selling. Space is at a premium, especially in cities so if your outdoor area is cluttered, you’ll be putting off the buyers. Display your space to its full advantage by having a good clear-out before putting your home on the market.

  1. Water Features

Unless you plan to spend the foreseeable future in your home, it’s best not to install a water feature. Whilst there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the trickle of water and tending to your lily pads, potential buyers will just see hassle. They may have no knowledge of water feature maintenance and the sight might be just enough to send them packing.

Ways You Could Be Devaluing Your Property2

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  1. Removing a Bedroom

Space and bedrooms are at a premium for growing families, so they won’t thank you for doing away with a precious bedroom. If you’ve considered knocking through walls to make bigger but fewer bedrooms, think again. More bedrooms are almost always preferable to bigger ones. Reducing the bedroom number will reduce the number of people interested in viewing your property and will change the comparable value of your home compared to similar properties in the neighbourhood.