If you’ve ever noticed the bartender try to hide a sly smirk or cheeky grin when you order your drink, you’re probably well aware that your choice of tipple can reveal a lot about you. Different establishments have their own unspoken rules about what is an acceptable drink choice, so what you order can divulge a lot about your personality. Here’s what your choice of drink can reveal.

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Customers who order shots are usually perceived to be the ones that need to be monitored closely. Geared toward giving people a quick buzz, shots usually impair a person’s inhibitions far more than if they had stuck to one regular drink. They are also found on offer in many establishments, which encourages punters to buy for them and their friends. This may not be as prevalent in Scotland, where cheap spirits are amongst other drinks that are part of a minimum pricing structure.

Sweet drinks

If you order a sweet drink, bartenders are more likely to believe that you either don’t like the taste of alcohol or you are just too immature to appreciate the more sophisticated drinks available. Alco-pop varieties are predominately requested by those just on the right side of the legal drinking age or those who want something that is easy and cheap to drink.

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Complicated drinks

There is a time and a place for complicated cocktails, depending on the venue you are ordering in. If you are looking for more of a premium nightclub Cheltenham has a couple of options in which you can enjoy a range of cocktails in a relaxed setting. However, if you order one of the more complex drinks at an extremely busy bar, you may be seen as selfish and someone who doesn’t value others’ time. The next time you hit the town, whether you are looking for cheap and cheerful or a VIP Nightclub Cheltenham that has it all, just be mindful of your surroundings before deciding on your drink.


You can’t go wrong with a beer, lager or anything on tap. These types of drinks makes bartenders’ lives much easier, and they will appreciate the simplicity of your order. It shows that you aren’t out to impress anyone or look flashy; you are just there to have a fun time.