Having a florist create you a centre piece for an event or perhaps a nice bouquet for a birthday present is one of life’s little luxuries and they always produce amazing floral displays. If you are looking for a Gloucestershire Florist, then it is worth taking a look at http://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/

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Florists not only use flowers like roses and carnations in their displays, but they will add elements of greenery to enhance the display and give it more of a natural feel. There are some plants that are favoured by florists for their use as greenery in bouquets and other flower related displays. These include:

Myrtle – this plant is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of ways by florists. It has wonderfully glossy leaves that are situated on long stems. They can be used in single pieces or in large batches to create a really outstanding statement. As well as being beautiful to look t the leaves actually have a wonderfully sweet fragrance. Myrtle is a plant that has been used for years as a representation of love and this is the reason why you will often find it in floral bouquets for weddings or in the centrepieces of the tables at the wedding reception.

Tree Fern – these plants have very thin stems which make them great for including in floral arrangements as they can shaped and also inserted into oasis blocks without creating large holes. The branches of the trees are also wispy and willowy, and the leaves create great additions to button holes for weddings. Tree Fern can also be used to make a statement at the back of a bouquet without the need for using large amounts of the plant as they naturally fan out to create the illusion of a fuller greenery.

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Ivy – this has always been a popular plant both for growing in pots and also for including in floral arrangements. Pedestal displays often have ivy trailing down from the main section to add depth and interest to the stand area. Ivy can be found in a variety of different shades of green with some being a solid green colour and others having a different inner leaf colour to the outer area.

Eucalyptus – there are many different in different varieties including those with a grey blue colour and those with a dark green tint. This plant is a good option for dying the leaves a variety of colours. Again, due to its versatility it is a plant is used in everything from bouquets and wreaths to table centre pieces and displays.