Whether you’re starting out with a brand new business or you’ve been operating for a number of years, it’s never been more important to have a strong and unique identity in a world of competition. So what are the key points to creating a successful brand?

What makes a successful brand

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Know your audience

Unless you’re a global chain business, like Wal-Mart, the majority of businesses have a key, target audience that they are speaking and selling to. Knowing your target audience inside out means you can get to understand them and allow your brand to speak to them in the tone and language they’ll appreciate. Trying to appeal to everyone can dilute the business you have, and alienate those who are your core market. Making sure you are speaking to your audience directly you should be onto a winner.


No matter the size of your company, the more people who know about it, the more it has the ability to grow. Whilst bigger businesses will have larger marketing budgets for advertising and traditional TV, radio and print, there are new ways to make sure your business is as talked about as possible. The Next Web praises the power of the internet, social media and influencers to get your brand known in a wider circle. It’s worth delving into the online world, whilst still embracing the traditional methods to really get your brand noticed.


Whether you’re a global pizza chain or a small two-man company in a little village, consumers want to receive the same level of service each time. Consistency in products and the messages you send out about your company are key. If a company isn’t consistent in its quality then it can be enough to send a customer to the competition for good. Working with a company who specialises in branding, such as http://www.elfen.co.uk/, a branding agency in Cardiff, can help keep your messaging on track.

There are many secrets to a successful brand and many great examples on the internet from global companies to small businesses in the UK. Keep your messaging consistent and straightforward whilst ensuring you’re speaking to your target audience and not trying to appeal to everyone. Aligning yourself with a great influencer can really help you set the tone of your brand, whilst also giving you the exposure you need to grow.