If you’ve decided to build a new garage but are not sure what to think about when it comes to the design, then read on. It’s all in the planning, so if you think about all your options beforehand, it could save you both time and money by the time you’re done.

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Decide on the Design

How big you want your garage should be one of the first decisions you make. You might have a small car for the time being, but what happens if you upgrade to a bigger one? Similarly, your kids might want to have a car one day, so think how many cars you want to fit in the garage. It is important to factor security into the design and think about the access points. A main garage door is a given, but if you are to have a separate door entrance and windows you should consider contacting Locksmith Dublin way such as http://locksafe.ie to ensure that the space will be fully secured.

Multi-Purpose Space

It’s all very well having the space to park your cars, but what if you also want it for storage too? It’s a good idea to set aside some space for pottering, woodworking, welding, restoring or painting, so you’ll need to allocate space for garage racking systems and work area.

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Power Outlets

You’ll always need some kind of electricity outlets for your garage, so ensure it has a dedicated circuit for different ordinances. An outlet box should technically be set six feet apart, and consider using a four-plug outlet box so you can minimise power strips.

Use All Space

You can have a number of storage options for your garage, including the space above. Think about your design in terms of maximising all of the area close to the ceiling, which will allow you to put things you might not use on a day-to-day basis. You’ll find that shelving, racks and storage bins are all a necessity for keeping things organised and out of your way.


If you’re going to be spending time inside your garage, you’ll need to plan exactly where you want your lights. Fluorescent light fixtures are the most common choice, as they’re strong enough to light up all the space, but if you have a workbench or work area, make sure you install your lighting close by.

Whatever you’re going to use your garage for, with some careful planning you’ll be able to create an organised multi-purpose space.