Christmas and New Year are behind us, the food and drink have vanished onto our waistlines and we all look forward to the spring when we can fit into our clothes again. All of winter that remains is to go on long healthy walks and wait for the first snowdrops to appear.

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But what’s this? An invite to a winter wedding in the next few weeks you had forgotten about! Surely people get married in the spring and summer don’t they?

It’s increasingly popular to have a winter wedding. Prices are usually lower, there is a wider choice of venue and the photographs can be totally gorgeous. The bride and groom will have their outfits sorted. For the guest however, this leaves the dilemma of what to wear to a winter wedding and where to find suitable wedding guest dresses for cold, snowy weather.

What’s trending?

Once you’ve looked at the appropriate style and venue for your wedding it’s time to look at what will suit your look. What style of wedding guest dresses should you look for?

For winter look at thicker fabrics to keep you warm, layering and longer length sleeves and hemlines. You don’t want to ruin the event by being too cold!

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For casual or smart styles consider wrap or shift dresses. These can be smartened up with a jacket or left alone. Colours tend towards the richer winter shades and if you choose a floral pattern look for prints with a darker background. If a suit is your thing then find a cut to flatter and again look for heavier fabrics. The Independent suggests a velvet tux can be a statement piece, or even a jumpsuit, but that dresses are still a great choice.

Dresses can be found to suit formal or informal situations and are the natural go-to option for a winter wedding, as can be found at wedding guest dresses.

Dresses for the formal evening event

If the dress code is for formal then it’s time to break out the glam for the evening event with longer gowns. Look for dresses in rich winter colours like burgundy, ruby red or emerald green. If you want to make an even stronger impact plump for heavier fabrics like velvet or glow on the dance floor with sparkles and sequins.