Most people moan about winter but for some it can be the most beautiful and cosy season. People complain about the cold but if you take a minute to think of all the wonderful things we can enjoy in winter, suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad after all. Here are some of people’s favourite winter things:

  1. Snow

It doesn’t happen all that often in the UK but when it does, you can’t deny it looks stunning. Covering everything in a blanket of glittering, soft, noise-deadening white makes everything look clean and special. The kids might be lucky enough to get a snow day off school and if you don’t need to do anything over than build snowmen or have a snowball fight, those first flakes falling out of the sky are really exciting.

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  1. Be a kid again

Winter was fun when we were kids. As grown-ups, we only seem to focus on defrosting our cars and driving in poor conditions but it’s good to think back to the winters of the past. Red cheeks, snow fights, sledding and playing outside until our gloves were soaked and fingers frozen! Winter also brings Christmas, which for kids really is the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Comfy clothing

Fluffy slippers, flannel pyjamas, woolly hats and big, warm jumpers are wardrobe essentials in the winter, providing lots of opportunity to snuggle up, get cosy and cover yourself in all your favourite-feeling materials.

  1. Hot drinks

What is better than a hot chocolate with marshmallows when you’ve come in from the cold? Whether you love hot tea, coffee or a warm cup of cocoa, winter is the best time to indulge in a hot beverage. Around Christmastime, try a latte with gingerbread or a spicy mulled wine.

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  1. Fireplaces

A real fire is simply beautiful and there’s nothing cosier than snuggling in front of one on a bleak winter’s evening. As well as the fire, there’s the chance to treat yourself to all the lovely accessories that go with it, like Metal Log Holders from

  1. TV

One of the best things about winter is that the TV schedulers know you’re stuck indoors and so treat you to a whole host of dramas, Christmas movies and reruns of classic old favourite shows. You can also rely on Netflix for everything you need for a binge-watching session.

  1. Christmas lights

Around Christmastime, the dark winter nights become illuminated by bright, sparkling lights right across town. It’s fun to get in the car and visit all the houses that have the biggest, brightest and most impressive Christmas lights on display.