The internet has opened up a whole world of new opportunities for businesses both large and small, whether you are a cake making business or sell Headstones like , the world has been opened up by the internet. It’s a massive marketplace stretching across the world in which every kind of company can seek new customers.

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While the internet has now been around for well over two decades, it’s arguably only in the last five to ten years that having a website has really become an absolute must for smaller businesses. However, if it’s not done right, internet marketing still has the potential to be nothing more than an extra expense. If you want it to deliver results that justify and outweigh that expense, there are a few things you are going to need.

A Professional Website

It can be tempting to get started online “on the cheap” as a way to dip your toe in and see whether it works. The problem is, company after company has found that internet marketing does work when done properly, but doing it on the cheap can be a good way to cripple your efforts early on and leave you with the impression that the internet is no good for your company.

Web design is where this usually kicks in. Professional web designers can be expensive but that is a decision not to take lightly, after all it’s the first thing a prospective customer will see.  Equally alternatives such as free templates and easy site builders rarely if ever measure up and will do a poor job of persuading people to do business with your company. If you really can’t afford a professional web designer, the better class of WordPress templates will probably be better (and more up-to-date) than the majority of alternatives.

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Good SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It basically refers to the steps that can be taken to help people find you when looking for your products or services through Google and other search engines. There are a number of criteria that search engines look for when deciding which sites to place at the top of a given search, and SEO makes your site fit those criteria in order to get moved up the list.

You may want to hire a specialist in SEO for your industry, who have a particular speciality in certain fields, or you might want to hire a more general SEO professional. The important thing is to be sure you hire a reliable company – as there are many self-proclaimed “experts” out there with very poor knowledge – who will use legitimate “white hat” techniques rather than questionable “black hat” ones.


Don’t expect a perfect, high-performing, fully-polished internet marketing strategy to be implemented overnight and never need to be changed again. With professional help, you would not be entirely unrealistic in hoping for an internet marketing strategy that will prove profitable if not immediately then quickly, but it takes time to really get things as good as they can be.

The truth is, every business is different and every set of customers is different too. It takes some time to learn what works best for an individual company, and what has the biggest impact on that company’s target audience. If you want to get the best out of internet marketing, you need to be willing to take time to tweak and perfect your strategy.