Ever wonder what the colour of your garage door says about you? The same as a front door, adding a splash of colour can really put your mark on a property and apparently, the colour you choose says a lot about the type of person you are and what your home means to you. So think carefully as you pick out the paint so that your hue rings true for you!


This is an attention-seeking colour but in a good way. Red is bold, brave, daring, and vivacious. Homeowners with red garage doors are the adventurous type who don’t mind taking risks once in a while, but at least they’ll always be able to find their way home!


Earthy and natural, homeowners with green garage doors have a calming quality about them. There is something about green that is very soothing, and not only to the people who choose to colour their world with it. Often people with green garage doors also have green front doors, so instead of having their garage doors stand out from the facade, they choose to blend them in. There is a certain amount of respect for the environment and design that is worth noting when using green for your home.


These are a pretty rare occurrence but when you see one, you can be sure that the owner of said yellow door has a friendly, outgoing attitude with a penchant for a little bit of mischief. Bucking the norm and going so bright, has to make you a bit of a rebel after all. Yellow garage doors can either make your neighbours smile or the grumpy ones will hate you for it! If you are repainting the door and sprucing the place up a bit, then think about the state of the inside of the garage too. For Garage Shelving Systems, visit https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk

What your garage door says about you

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Did you know that blue is the world’s favourite colour? This makes it a superb choice then for homeowners and garage doors alike. Blue is the colour of freedom, peace, and hope, which makes it the ideal colour to come home to. Like the colour green, homeowners who choose this colour may also share its calming properties. There are so many different shades of this gorgeous hue that you can find one that goes with almost anything. People with blue garage doors are easy to get along with too.

What your garage door says about you2

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White is a bit of a puzzle as there are two ways you can read it. Those who prefer white can either be seen as traditionalists who like order and serenity or those who are not yet ready to reveal their true colours to the world. If you have a white garage door, don’t think that it is boring or dull. On the contrary, having a white door lets the colours around it have their chance to shine, especially if you have a beautiful flower-filled front lawn.


This shade is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners wishing to complement a black door with other elements of their property. Having other black features will greatly enhance the striking look of a black garage door. Black projects strength, sophistication and power, giving visitors the impression that here lives someone of substance and authority.