Boris Johnson, much like the US President Donald Trump, is changing the face of politics and using the entertainment factor to win votes.

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Donald Trump

In November 2016, when Donald Trump won the US presidential election, it sent shockwaves around the world and talks of impeachment started immediately. However, nearly three years later and he is still at the White House and looking for a second run in office. To launch his 2020 campaign, he is taking his message to a 20,000-seater stadium in Florida, and there is no reason to expect this time around he will be any less entertaining.

The one thing President Trump is good at is securing headlines and getting people talking about him. Despite a series of outrageous remarks and insults, he has successfully got himself a fan base, and his personality is what he uses to market himself.

Boris Johnson

Here in the UK, it is now looking increasingly likely that Boris Johnson will become Britain’s next Prime Minister. Boris, much like Trump, is building his campaign on his personality and his ability to make headlines by what he says and does – for example, his comments regarding Muslim women who wear burkas. But his comments, however shocking, appear to also be winning him fans.

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The recent BBC TV drama Years and Years gave viewers a preview into a possible new future, and it wasn’t one we should necessarily be looking forward to, with one reviewer calling it this year’s most terrifying show.

Whatever your politics and feelings towards these two politicians, no one can deny that they are good at raising their profile, even when it is for the wrong reasons. Even then, they take advantage of every situation – both good and bad. Politics is changing, and by using things such as social media, politicians are able to reach new audiences and react instantly to events and criticisms. This is something the public are going to have to accept, get used to and ultimately embrace.