When opening your door and welcoming a professional cleaner into your home or office, we often assume that they are trustworthy, qualified and experienced.

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However, we of course should not simply cross our fingers and hope for the best. It is vital to conduct basic company background checks such as reading testimonials and seeking referrals for full assurance and to learn about the cleaning products and processes involved.

But what about the person actually doing the job and the cleaners that will enter an office or home on a regular basis?

The DBS Check

The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) provides a service that discloses the criminal records of an individual. By accessing this information, people can make informed hiring decisions, which is particularly useful for roles involving association with children such as childcare, nurseries or schools, as well as care homes and hospitals with vulnerable adults.

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There are two different types of DBS checks, and each takes around eight weeks to complete.

The Best Interests of Customers

Making sure cleaners are DBS checked is an easy and quick way to bring peace of mind.

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In addition to putting the customer’s mind at ease, it is in a firm’s best interest to employ individuals they can trust, build integrity and represent their business as their reputation is at stake.

All reputable cleaning companies understand that there are premises that require more reassurance than others, and they must be up front with DBS checks for their employees and should provide information to customers when asked.

It Costs Nothing

In addition to providing confidence that the office or home is in capable hands, enquiring whether the cleaners have a DBS check is free.

It does cost the cleaning company a fee for each employee to be DBS checked, with standard or enhanced checks possible.

Standard Check

This check reveals all convictions that are held within the police national computer and includes all reprimands, warnings, cautions and old convictions.

Enhanced Check

This check includes the standard check information as well as any relevant information the Department of Health, Education or police have. This check is useful for anyone who regularly comes into contact with vulnerable adults or children in their work, such as in care homes, hospitals and schools.