A casement window comes with hinges that allow it to swing open and tend to come in pairs which open away from one another, similar to double-doors.

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If you like having fresh air in your home or office, you will want a window that opens wide to allow for maximum ventilation, and therefore a casement window is the best option. As well as being easy to open, you will also get the best view outside, as they consist of just one pane of glass and ensure maximum light comes into your home or office. Because they open with a handle crank, they are great for over a kitchen sink or any other area that makes opening a traditional window tricky. A casement window is also very energy efficient, as they come with a tight seal around the edges and are energy rated. It is also a good choice when looking to have  Brise Soleil fitted from companies such as https://alusystems.uk/brise-soleil-solar-shading/ to ensure that the sunlight is not directed straight into your office building. There are of course health and safety implications of having windows that fully open and you should ensure that you research these before having them installed. You should also check with your  Brise Soleil to see whether your window choices will be suitable for your office.

Making the right choice

Although there are many advantages, families with young children can be concerned about the opening size, especially at upstairs level. Another issue can be forgetting to close an upstairs window during poor weather causing the upstairs to become home to rain, snow and garden foliage.

Another advantage to casement windows is the option to have a screen installed inside the window. These screens are easy to move and rinse if they become dirty and are good for colder times of the year when windows are less likely to be open.

A casement window offers a contemporary look, which is perfect for modern homes and are available in a range of materials. They also offer greater security as the lock is embedded into the frame. If you are small, taller windows are easy to open and close, as you won’t need to reach to fully extend them as you would with a sash window. A casement window is individually designed and should be manufactured and installed to the British Standards. Reputable firms should be regularly inspected by the BSI for the fitting and manufacture of their windows ensuring they are tested regularly.

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Customers can choose whether to have internal or external beading. Most choose the external beading because it means the windows have slimmer lines that produce a better and more traditional looking window.