There are many reasons for using a chauffeur service in London, from unfamiliarity with the city to security matters depending on your status and concerns.

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If you are unfamiliar with the capital, having a driver can be helpful in many ways. Firstly, if your visit is for business, you can take out the stress of navigating your way around an unfamiliar city. A professional driver will be experienced and knowledgeable about the best routes from your pick-up point to your destination.


Time is of the essence and your driver will make sure that you are transported in the most efficient way. You will avoid the need to consult your satnav or online maps as you negotiate roads you may not be used to. Professional chauffeurs know the best routes between locations and will be aware of any potential delays; what’s more, if you are attending a business meeting, you will make a good initial impression with your client.

Everyone is familiar with the last-minute details you may have to attend to in the build-up to an important meeting. By being chauffeured to your destination, you will be able to contact your office, deal with emails, and put the finishing touches to your presentation while the demands of travelling to your meeting are taken care of.

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Even in 2020, some business meetings may involve a business lunch or even a celebratory dinner if a deal is sealed. Any subsequent consequences of the consumption of alcohol at such an event are alleviated by using a chauffeur service.


Security may be an issue and London can be a challenging city in terms of executive protection. Despite what many visitors or residents of London may think, this is not a new issue. As far back as 1974, Princess Anne was the victim of a kidnapping attempt that involved shots being fired and a protection officer and a passing journalist being wounded before the assailant was disarmed.

Although finding a chauffeur for a trip in London is not difficult, ensuring you have the executive protection London you need may be. Fortunately, specialist companies offering protection can be found online; for example, companies such as Valarous Group provide executive protection in London.

Such firms offer drivers and protection professionals who can cope with any eventuality during road journeys.