For hundreds of years intricate and ornate Stained-Glass windows have been used to add beauty to our Churches and Cathedrals.  Used to illustrate Bible stories to mainly illiterate congregations and to depict War heroes, great battles and Saints these incredible works of art can be found all over the Country.  From St Paul’s Church in Clifton, to St Christopher’s in Warden Hill, from Holy Innocents Church in Highnam to All Saints in Selsley. Looking to invest in beautiful, secure windows of your own in Gloucester, Double Glazing fitted by one of the many Double-Glazing Company Firmfix installers could be the answer.

One of the largest stained-glass windows in the World is the Great East Window in the Cathedral of Gloucester.  The size of a tennis court it was installed in the 1350’s and is a fine example of a mediaeval stained-glass window.

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Also found at Gloucester’s spectacular Cathedral, is “Christopher Whall’s windows in the Lady Chapel it is one of the finest examples of post-medieval stained glass windows in any Cathedral!  Like stepping into a rainbow of colour as the sun’s rays beam brightly through, bathing the stone floors in blood, rich reds, sky blues and succulent greens the stained-glass windows illuminate the Cathedral with ethereal light.

Travel to St Mary’s Church in Fairford Gloucester and witness first-hand the national and historical, architectural importance of their pre-Reformation medieval stained-glass panels.  The twenty-eight windows comprise of four separate lancets, with related Bible stories displayed under Gothic canopies.