Poshitis refers to the back and neck pain caused by carrying large heavy handbags in the crook of the arm, like celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. It leads to torn muscles and shoulder and back pain, partly due to the way the bag is carried in the arm crook and partly due to the fact that the bags are so large, it is easy to fill them up with all the things that you may or may not need! So if this sounds familiar, what can you do? The best sort of bag is a rucksack style bag, like a hiker would have, as the weight is on both sides of the back. The other is to carry a smaller bag, that way it will be impossible to over fill it! Worryingly, a lot of schoolgirls carry their bag in this way, which could cause even more problems for them in the future as the spine and muscles have not finished growing and therefore could be harmed at a crucial time in their development.

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Another modern back problem is texters neck – caused by, as the name suggests the position of being hunched over a mobile phone or keyboard for long periods of time. Try not to sit like this for a long, get up and take a break, walk around and put the phone down! Exercises like chest stretches can help with the pain caused by this.

Sometimes back ache can come from the clothing you wear so if you want freedom and the ability to move then you could wear a selection of Mini Dresses which should hopefully help your positioning.

Working at a computer is one of the most common causes of back pain – check how you sit at your desk, you may be slouching. You should sit with feet flat on the floor and computer at eye level.

It may be that you need a chair with better support, or a better sized desk. A lot of people don’t consider their desk chairs, but when you spend longer in it than you probably do in your bed at night, you realise how important it is that you have the right one for you – as you would with a mattress!

A really good way to help your back and posture is yoga. Not only will it help your posture, but will soothe and relax you, and is suitable for almost anyone. Have a look in your local area for classes, and maybe it will help undo some of the damage caused by modern daily life!