Online marketing is a necessary element in the sales strategy of any company. An asset that helps to achieve the goals that keep growth and pace of business. For this reason, more and more companies conscious of the need to invest in this direction, although this, each company seeking to achieve multiple or different objectives. While for 40% of B2C businesses, increase sales continue to be a major objective for B2B business (41%), the challenge will be to continue consolidating its strategy to capture leads.

To achieve this, companies bet through different channels and strategies. Online marketing is an important element within the overall budget, and representing 25% of the resources allocated by the marketing departments. When distribute those media, 63% of companies stated that bet on content marketing, while 75% plan to increase their spending on actions and strategies to channels and mobile devices.

1 in 3 companies has benefited from its strategy of Social MediaTo capture leads, companies are betting on inbound marketing techniques as an effective strategy and a cost 62% lower than outbound marketing techniques based on the traditional model of impacting the target audience. Meanwhile, the Social Media has proven its worth, and companies have been able to perceive the results of their investment in this area. Thus, 1 in 3 companies says it has benefited from its strategy of Social Media.

Intended to improve in 2014, 25% of companies expressed concern about measuring ROI, while 22% plan to work to convert your leads into customers. This interest in knowing the return on investment all areas of online marketing is applied. Companies still have trouble figuring out the profitability of its strategy of Social Media (88%), display advertising (84%), search engine optimization (83%), SEM (71%) or e-mail marketing (64%). This causes 33% do not know what means are most profitable, or 26% have questions about which channels are those that help you better come and get customer leads.

This obsession with ROI and doubts about the effectiveness of online marketing techniques that show data Webmarketing 123 contrast with the reported findings of ExacTarget, which states that marketers no longer focus their efforts on demonstrating that its digital marketing investment is profitable, but they are sure of it. Probably because more and have more means to analyze the results of their actions, allowing them to save time and resources in this complex task.

The concept on which they agree is the need to improve the conversion rate, which means both sales and leads. According to ExactTarget, in 2014 29% strongly bet on the Big Data as a way to unravel the mysteries of consumer behavior. Thus, they will pay more to the collection, measurement and analysis of this valuable information, in order to achieve the above priority: increase conversion.