Yet many brands the appropriateness of using social networks as a channel for customer service arise. From the point of view of the internal organization of the company, you can make a significant investment in resources, but may not be seen a priori profitability.

However, the benefits of responding to customers through social media are not reduced to a mere administrative formality, but favors to various areas of the company. What benefits businesses strategy customer through Social Media

5 benefits of customer service in social networksGet closer links between the brand and its customers, and encourages the recommendations. Customers who have had a positive experience with the brand are up to 4 times more likely to recommend a brand, that those who have not had any contact with her. This leads brands to seriously plantesarse the need to foster engagement with customers, and strive in order to provide the most positive experience possible.

Increases the average customer value. The most committed customers with the brand spend between 20% and 40%. Therefore, the customer service can be a profitable option for many companies. It all depends on their ability to direct its strategy towards the customer, as a way to reach him and give rise to two – way communication where both parties are in the same plane.

It provides a more effective relationship with the customer. Nobody escapes him at this point that social networks are a channel that connects directly with customers and effective way. 70% of consumers using social media to connect with brands continue to do so, if you get a positive experience.

Helps protect online brand reputation. Altimeter indicates that the main cause of crisis online reputation over the last decade was a bad customer. To avoid suffering these consequences firsthand the best remedy is to have an effective strategy to focus on social networks. Thus, you will be able to react in time, and prevent the problem from escalating.

You can generate business opportunities. Social networks allow closer with customers, to contact you to you and strengthen the bond with the brand. This allows to generate engagement and facilitates communication to another level. Through such interactions, it is possible to advance the relationship, and disseminate new proposals mark guarantees that are well received by fostering a positive feedback.

What are the advantages for your company’s customer service 2.0?