Remember when we talked about the specific weight that Twitter is having on the construction of the new form of social television, that one of the strengths were in the penetration of the “social opinion” in the construction of the new programming.

This serves as a starting point and we can say that Twitter remains the most commonly used as a channel for interaction with consumers, specifically from the mobile Web.

It is more than clear that the nature of social networks underlying dynamics of change, however, this quality that makes the Social Media a set of activities designed to optimize our marketing tools, it is even more tangible on Twitter.

The 4 essential pillars of marketing Mix on TwitterYes, Twitter is the way through which the online world and the offline world meet, interact and establish new trends.

Brands and companies have long since become aware of the need to have a presence wherever their audience is and where it interacts target your competition does. It is information obtained consolidated communities whose growth is through customer feedback marker.

Twitter’s ability to address the pillars supporting the influence of brands (personal and / or company) lies in the constant succession of information.This consolidates the social network of microblogging as an efficient customer service in real time and also as an indispensable platform in search of new needs and interests.

There are many actions that can be performed on the social network if we seek to promote and consolidate our brand in the network.

In essence, Twitter is the channel through which passes the information in real time and this is the reason why the presence in the social network, it is essential to identify emotions, as we have seen, are the backbone of loyalty the new consumer.

But … What combination of marketing strategies works best on Twitter?

Promotional Marketing, the added value of loyalty

The search for added value in a context of fierce competition in which, comparisons, recommendations and “word of mouth” support loyalty, is not possible without delivering added value.

What benefit does a customer if linked with our brand ?, limitation of 140 characters established by the social network itself is a great strength because it allows access to our target audience through a particular message and impact .

Twitter is a very good option to set up online contests or coupons based campaigns.

Marketing location, where better than Twitter

Surely we not say anything new if we say that the geolocation will star in 2012. But what is new is perhaps itself analyze Twitter as a platform for its dynamism and targeting capabilities and location, can improve the experience of brands and their clients, almost in real time.

Develop a marketing strategy based on the location and combined with the inherent power to contests, sweepstakes and promotions … it seems a very efficient mix is not it?

Conversational Marketing, what about the efficiency of interaction?

There is no doubt that the conversational marketing has become the backbone of identifying the emotions that build the link customers with their brands.

Brands that encourage conversational marketing on Twitter, gain efficiency underlying the incorporation of its customers as essential elements to achieve growth.

Talk, listen, interact, share, promote … it is necessary that our global marketing strategy Twitter, pay special attention to promoting conversation.

Marketing research, trends and reputation

More established brands at the present time have discovered that a marketing campaign research conducted in Twitter is the most immediate to identify what customers have to say way.

The dynamism inherent Twitter makes the social network, one of the best tools online reputation management.

relationship marketing, long-term links

The efficiency of relationship marketing on Twitter has its first tangible variable measuring the number of users that are linked, learn, share and promote, everything about our brand.

Twitter is a social platform where the act of sharing information is the link of “prosumers” who through the promotion, localization, interaction and study, built to blow #hashtag and retweet, the 4 essential pillars of Twitter marketing mix = brand-customer mutual benefit.