During the last years and in full development and technological evolution, devices and social networks have modified our habits more everyday and even have changed the way we communicate. An issue in which they charge special relevance platforms of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

And it is precisely the latter that we are referring to today, because surely you have ever wanted to “frame” one of your most happening messages in this virtual community. One of those triumphant tweets that have been echoed by multiple users of the blue bird network and have made your popularity and number of followers rise like foam. Well, now it is possible to do it with much “style” thanks to Onehundred.

This page lets you turn your best tweet into a work of artWhat is Onehundred and how does it work

Specifically, it is a web page, a service through which we can transform any tuit into a design poster sixties, a poster that will delight the lovers of this social network and that will allow you to commemorate for posterity the messages (Both yours and others) that marked history in the social network.

“Take funny, quirky, clever, nostalgic or embarrassing tweets and turn them into a 100% unique design print. When placing an order, you will get the impression in a matter of days”, can be read on the web. A place where they do not specify the date but the price of the poster in question: $59.

The premise of the entity, in any case, is that “walls must be unique”. A target for which we put at our disposal up to 5,000 different compositions in which we can place our tweet. The company also ensures that it does not allow repetitions, so if one of your users has chosen the same design and tuit as you, you will not be able to use it (yes, it is quite unlikely). The design, of course, will be very different depending on the length of the tweet.

And although it is not something too economic, it is affordable and the results are, in any case, original. In any case and apart from the preset compositions, the truth is that it gives us few options of personalization beyond editing the text, choosing the font and the background.

In any case, its implementation does not imply any complication, just register with our Twitter account, and authorize the application. You will then access a personalized user panel with our messages, organized by different categories. The tool also integrates different filters (by keyword and similar). You can select to appear from those made by you or other users, to those in which you have been mentioned, to choose by hashtag, etcetera.

When you are clear on what you want, click on the arrow on the right and the web will redirect you to another page where you will have the option to preview the message with different designs. A place from which you can share them or select a new tuit if you have changed your mind.