If you want to step up your game and bowl like a pro this year, you will need to practise, invest in the right equipment and refine your technique.

Bowl like a pro in 2016

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Perfecting your bowling skills is something that takes time and finesse, and you will need to nurture your natural talent or practise incredibly hard if you feel that you may be somewhat lacking. These tips will help you to get on the right track to bowling like a pro and will give you a head start whenever you hit the alley.

Stand in the right spot

Playing a great game or bowling an exceptional strike has less to do with dropping the ball at random and more to do with planning your every move. Before you step up to take your turn, work out where about six inches from the foul line would be and aim for this spot when you release.

If you are too close to the foul line, you could overshoot your mark; if you are a few inches away, you will have more control over where the ball will land. By using the right amount of follow through, you can direct the ball with confidence and not worry about overstepping the line.

Invest in the right gear

Bowling gloves that are comfortable, balls that are the right weight and shoes that fit properly are all essential tools in a good game. You can review a selection of bowling gloves here and choose some that suit your needs, plus everything else you require.

Choose your practice venue

In addition to the right gear, you should choose the right bowling alley. Although you can’t determine where you play in competitions, having a home ground where you feel comfortable will make all the difference when it comes to practising.

A number of retro style bowling alleys attract a huge number of players in the US; likewise, there are venues designed to suit to all players’ needs across the globe.

Strengthen your wrist

Bowling may not be all in the wrist, but it certainly plays an important role. Exercising and strengthening your wrist can improve your ball control, giving you better accuracy with your strike. Your hand and wrist must be firm and strong whenever you bowl and should provide a stable platform from which to launch the ball.