There are millions of videos on YouTube, but you can not always watch them online, streaming. Sometimes the connection is not good enough, and you do not have time to wait for it to load. Or you would like to see them in certain situations where you will not have a connection: a long plane trip, a stay of a few days in a lost mountain town … Or you just want to keep them for remembrance, lest your author decide one day remove them.

For all that, you have many resources: programs, browser extensions and web pages that allow you to download YouTube videos easily, and some of them also the audio track, in case you are interested in what is heard, That you see. So do not worry, if you want to download that video and watch it offline , you just have to use one of these tools and you can do it without problems.

14 ways to download audio or video from YouTubeSoftware to download audio or videos from YouTube

There are numerous programs with which you can download videos from YouTube. They are similar to each other, but they also stand out for their own qualities : some, for example, are optimized for high-quality video (4K) while others have the ability to download videos from almost any page. Here are some of them.

  • atube catcher. (Windows) One of the oldest programs of its kind, aTube Catcher allows you to download videos from themost popular streaming sites(not just YouTube ) to your computer. You can also convert them to other formats, including MP3 (if you are interested in audio only). It includes options for customizing the conversion and you can download complete playlists.
  • YouTube Downloader HD. (Windows, Mac) This program only downloads videos from YouTube. In return, it specializes in high quality (full HD) formats , so you can easily get the higher quality version of the video in question.
  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. (Windows) If the only thing that really interests you about the video is its audio track , this program is the right one. With it you can record that MP3 sound to your hard drive directly, maintaining the original quality, and then convert it to other formats if you want.
  • VDownloader. (Windows) Another classic in these programs, VDownloader offers many interesting features: support for a variety of video websites, conversion to other formats, 4K video download, possibility to save only audio, integration with social networks and own browser To locate your favorite videos.
  • Freemake Video Downloader. (Windows) An alternative to download videos from YouTube, with the possibility of converting them to various formats(even for mobile, or save only audio), support for many video websites, and allows you to download 4K videos and playlists .
  • Clipgrab. (Windows, Mac) One last interesting option is this program with which you can download videos from various streaming platforms, and also from many other sites in which ClipGrab can automatically recognize the presence of videos. It also has support for HD content.

Download YouTube videos with extensions

Another way to download YouTube videos without having to install anything extra on your computer is through browser extensions. You also have a few to choose from. Of course, all of Firefox, because Google does not allow the Chrome extensions offered in the Chrome Web Store to download YouTube videos.

  • Video DownloadHelper. An extension that can extract videos (and also images) from the web you are currently visiting , and download them to your hard drive. It supports the vast majority of videos webs, and also several types of streaming. The entire process is very simple and can be done in a couple of clicks.
  • Download YouTube Videos to MP4. This extension integrates directly into the YouTube interface and adds a button under the player to be able to download the video directly. This is stored on the hard disk in MP4 format.
  • Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express. The creator of this extension ensures that it is the only one with support for Full HD 1080p (video) and 192 kbps (audio) quality. It is very easy to use and allows you to quickly get the material you are interested in YouTube, in various formats and with maximum quality.
  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download. “The easiest way to download YouTube videos, point”, says his description. And the truth is that it is very simple . When you are on the page of a YouTube video that you want to download, click on the button of the extension and it will show you all the options available. Choose the one you want to download, and that’s it.

Websites, the fastest to download on YouTube

Extensions make it easy, yes, but the fastest is still going to a web page . You may not have so many configuration options, but for those who look for immediacy above everything, they are the best option.

  • Youtube mp3. Probably the simplest web to download from YouTube. Only for audio, yes. Copy and paste the video link in question into the text field, and that’s it. Nothing else.
  • Peggo. Another very simple web to download audio from YouTube. It works just like the previous one: copy link, paste link, get MP3. Zero problems . Oh, and it also works with SoundCloud.
  • ClipConverter. If you want to download the video, not just the audio, this web is a good alternative. Just copy the link to the video, and you also have several formats (both video and audio) to convert the video. Then it downloads to the computer, and finished.
  • SaveFrom. Finally, this other website also allows you to download YouTube videos with different quality options, and with a particularity: you can use it by directly visiting your URL, or you can use a very interesting trick . The next time you are watching a video on YouTube and want to download it to your hard drive, insert “ss” in front of “youtube” in the URL and upload the SaveFrom web directly to the URL of your already copied video in the text field.