The security  is one of the fundamental pillars on which to settle any business structure to remain strong in the market and able to face the obstacles is exposed against the competition. To strengthen its protection, it is best to have  control devices access  next generation as  ip cameras Prosecurity. 

Increase the number of  customers, adapt to new technologies, achieving customer loyalty, increase work efficiency, increase manufacturing products and improve the services offered, to maintain cordial relations with third influential people and to win a featured picture on Network are some of the many  factors  that will help a company to  grow in the market.

Advantages of access controls for your companyHowever, beyond this, we have to pay attention to another key element: the  security of the company, which may be reinforced from incorporating, for example,  devices access control.

Enlist the help of these systems will allow the company to build a solid future in the market because, among other things, contribute to the  protection  of diverse documents and relevant information for the proper development and evolution of a company.

This type of  device access control, help us keep track of the different people that juts into our business, keeps a record of work absences, will offer full protection in those sections with restricted access within the company.

The application of this type of devices is very simple, since it will be able to adjust to the specific needs and requirements of the company. In this sense, in the market we can find access control  and presence that will allow us to track a specific area, and can also assign different access privileges to certain areas. 

Thanks to advances experienced by the  technology  in recent years, it has evolved from ancestral mechanical systems and specialized in security systems staff, revolutionary  access controls  input and output  automated  to which we are referring in this Article.

The mission of these systems  is to track the level of access of each individual within the company or determine the number of people or means of transport that circulate in certain areas of the business. In addition to reducing personnel costs and total project will also allow us to reduce the recording time  compared to previous models, improve or increase staff productivity or allow or deny entry of certain individuals.  

We can have many different  models of access control  to which we must consider as the type  pedestrian  to determine the number of persons traveling in a public or private space, or  vehicle type  for the number of vehicles both visitors As of residents of the area that are circulating around

These  security systems,  which are becoming more advanced and adjusted to the many changes that occur in the market of new technologies not only help us avoid possible significant economic losses that may arise in the future or even damage That can challenge the professionalism of the company, but any entity of this nature must fulfill its work of social responsibility and in this way feel responsible for the safety and well-being of its own workers. Everything is a chain, because such  failures  can damage the image  we have of the company. 

To try to control people or individuals who access a company there  are several methods  today. On the one hand, we have  biometric access controls, being  fingerprint readers  the most popular in this particular field. It would be interesting to find access control devices that give us the possibility of registering two tracks, which will further increase their safety, in addition to being one of the most effective in this regard.

The  facial recognition systems  are driven application computer that identifies an automatic way a person into a digital image, a recognition that it is possible through an analysis and study of the facial features of the subject of a specific and relevant frame of the source Of videos or audiovisual support and that will be compared with the information contained in a database.

Meanwhile, the  IP surveillance cameras  are connected directly to a LAN installation of a particular internet company, home, or Wi-Fi wireless network and include a Web server. They are totally autonomous devices of the computer and allow to perform all kinds of functions such as recordings, listen, alarms or view, so that you can control any place in your business or office from any area that has an Internet connection.

Finally, we highlight the  surveillance cameras DVR, a team whose mission is to capture what the camera sees and send it to the DVR hard disk in digital format. In addition, these types of systems can be configured to be recorded by motion sensor for days, weeks or 24 hours a day.

What about you? Do you also use any of these security systems?