Amazon Web Services, the cloud infrastructure provider of the online commerce giant, has launched Amazon Chime this morning, its messaging service aimed at business. This is a new service that will compete with giants like Microsoft and Google in an increasingly populated sector such as business messaging.

Amazon Chime arrives, Amazons competition against Skype for Business and HangoutsIt is an application with all-in-one aspirations. You will have chat rooms, VoIP calls and video conferencing, but it will also allow you to manage your virtual meetings through your service. It is a multiplatform tool, which will have native applications on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

With this move Amazon not only wants to compete with established rivals such as Skype for business or new candidates as a refocused to the professional field, but instead will want to grow the value of its own Amazon Web Services by creating a tool with which companies can improve their productivity.

Chime comes with a free basic option that only allows video calls and chat rooms of two users, for the rest will play subscribe to one of their two payment options. The Plus version of $ 2.50 per user allows screen sharing and remote control of computers, perfect for IT, while Pro $ 15 per user per month will offer the full experience.

What Amazon Chine offers

As we see in the announcement, Amazon Chime will allow you to create and manage the meetings as we would in a calendar application. Then, from the same application and with any mobile or desktop device we can talk to our co-workers and attend these meetings by VoIP call or video conference.

We see how the application also allows us to create chat rooms like Slack-style alternatives, and use their native video-conferencing system to move from writing to a teammate to seeing us face-to-face in a meeting. To know the availability of each, the Chime will show who has a webcam or who has a microphone.

One of its more curious functions is a visual list of participants that includes information about who can have background sounds that distract in the meetings. All members of the meeting will be able to silence anyone who has background noise so that the rest do not have to listen to your dog’s barking or excessive sound when typing. Anyone who has been silenced in this way will receive a notification, and can re-enable the voice whenever they want.

Moreover, the application presumes to allow in videoconferences to know at all times who has been connected or is watching , and during them will make it easy to share our desktop to show others a graphic or text in which we are working If we talk to a company maintenance service, this will also allow us to show the specific error that we are experiencing.

But beyond promising to offer in a single application all the solutions that a team may need, what Amazon Chime is trying to offer everything with a simple interface and easy to understand . To the left we will have the messages of the chat rooms as in Slack, while at the top we will have shortcuts to quickly go to the key options.

After this launch, the professional field becomes increasingly competitive, and independent solutions such as HipChat or Slack have been joined by other giants such as Microsoft, Google and now Amazon. Many alternatives for a single sector, will have to see which end up being imposed.